Japanese Knotweed Indemnity Insurance Policy

A Japanese Knotweed Indemnity Insurance is available when you pay for our standard Homeowners Invasive Plant Survey, and where there is no Japanese Knotweed identified upon our survey.

When will you receive an indemnity policy?

Our Japanese Knotweed Indemnity Policy is available when: 

  • you pay for our standard Homeowners Invasive Plant Survey at £300 + VAT
  • where there is no Japanese Knotweed is identified upon our survey 
  • The question on the seller’s TA6 property information form, asking if the property is affected by Japanese Knotweed, has been answered ‘no’
  • No previous remediation measures or treatment are known to have been undertaken within the curtilage of the property
  • A mortgage valuation survey, home buyer’s report or building survey has been carried out against the property for the proposed Insured.
  • The survey obtained for the proposed Insured makes no reference to any potential problems relating to Japanese Knotweed at the property or surrounding area

What is included in an Indemnity Policy?

For a one off premium, this Japanese Knotweed Insurance Policy gives a full 10-year period of cover for:

  • the cost of obtaining a full survey report from a Japanese Knotweed treatment specialist to establish a claim, with the prior written consent of the Underwriters
  • treatment costs incurred by the Insured in respect of necessary treatment to eradicate the existence of and prevent reoccurrence of Japanese Knotweed at the Property
  • repair and restoration costs in respect of damage caused to the Property. This includes excavation.
  • legal defence expenses, including legal and expert costs, charges and expenses incurred in the investigation, settlement, adjustment or defence of any claim made against the Insured by a third party affected by the spread of Japanese Knotweed discovered at the Property
  • any other costs and expenses directly incurred by the Insured with the written consent of the Insurers

How much does an Indemnity Policy cost?

The cost depends on the property value and level of cover which is typically £100,000 limit on a standard policy. This can be increased.


Price starts at approximately £150 for 10-Year cover plus our survey report cost of £300 + VAT.

Need Japanese Knotweed removal backed by our guarantee?

Request a site survey and we will identify whether or not your site is infected by Japanese Knotweed, and the most suitable treatment plan.