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What is Buddleja?

Also called summer lilac and butterfly-bush, Buddleja populations have spread across the country, causing serious problems. Its aggressive growth means it easily outcompetes native flora, while its ability to germinate in crumbling mortar and rail tracks has made it a real problem for train services and providers. Popular among gardeners and horticulturists for its visual appeal, the plant has since spread beyond human control, making Buddleja removal high priority before it spreads further.


Buddleja was originally imported for its beautiful aesthetics and planted as an ornamental plants in gardens and grounds across the country. Capable of growing up to 15 feet tall with sweeping branches, it makes an impressive sight, made more so by its “spikes” of lilac-petalled, orange-centred flowers.


Chemical control

The most effective form of Buddleja removal is to inject herbicide directly into the plant. Before using any herbicide, we carefully review the site for suitability. This can include sources of running water nearby, certain wildlife, and existing turf/plant growth, all of which can be damaged or hurt by the use of certain chemicals. We never use a herbicide in any manner contrary to its advisory precautions.

Manual control

Our specialists can sometimes pull small Buddleja infestations by hand. In the case of larger infestations, these can be dug out mechanically. These methods are suitable for sensitive or controlled areas where herbicides and chemical treatments are not suitable. As with other invasive plants, care must be taken in both instances to remove the roots, rhizomes, and contaminated soil, or the plant could grow back.

In all cases, we monitor your premises for up to five years following treatment and can provide every site with our mortgage-friendly 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee at additional cost.

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