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Japanese knotweed survey

Japanese knotweed is easiest to treat when caught early. Left to grow unchecked, it can take years in order to guarantee the weed’s elimination. A Japanese knotweed site inspection and survey is the first step to treating your problem, enabling professional knotweed removers to assess the scale of your case and the level of treatment required in order to eliminate knotweed from your premises for good.

GPS site plans

To ensure the highest possible level of accuracy we provide our clients with a site specific CAD plan detailing the exact location of the Japanese knotweed on their site, based on GPS coordinates taken by our surveyors.  TP Knotweed Solutions have invested in the latest mapping software to meet construction industry standards, enabling developers to fully rely on the work carried out by us.

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What does a TP Knotweed site inspection cover?

Free report

If you have positively identified knotweed at your site, our contractors can be called out with as little as 24 hours’ notice to determine the scale of your problem. They will examine the site, discuss your individual requirements, and collect your case information. You will be provided with a free detailed written report following the site inspection, so you know exactly what we have determined.  Currently we only offer free site inspections to select areas of the country. Outside of these areas, there will be a small charge. To find out if you qualify, enquire today.

Japanese knotweed survey

You can also upgrade your site inspection to include a Japanese Knotweed Survey Report, providing a much more comprehensive examination of your knotweed problem. This report covers aspects such as: the relevant legislation, survey findings, a detailed site plan showing the locations of the Japanese knotweed, photography, the RICS Risk Category Level and recommended remedial treatment.

PCA approved

If you are in the process of buying or selling a property, site, or plot of land affected by knotweed, it is very likely that the mortgage lender will ask to see a Japanese Knotweed Survey Report produced by a specialist contractor. In most cases this contractor must be a member of the Property Care Association (PCA) Invasive Weed Control Group, to ensure that the contractor is capable of offering the highest levels of technical knowledge and practical skill.

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