Large residential property

Client: Residential Homeowner
Location: Kent, UK
Duration: 5 Years / Growing Seasons

Project Overview

Contract value: £8,000 + VAT

Services provided

Comprehensive Survey Report

Implementation of a 5 Year IPMP

Herbicide treatment over 5 Years / Growing Seasons

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

Project Scope

TP knotweed Solutions were appointed by a residential homeowner to remediate a very well established Japanese knotweed infestation from the woodland garden, behind their main rear garden. The client’s objective was to remove the Japanese knotweed to stop it spreading further at the site and causing future issues when they come to sell the house.

Remediation Strategy

After liaising with the client and careful consideration of site constraints and budgets, it was decided that the implementation of a 5 Year KMP (knotweed Removal Plan) involving carefully timed herbicide treatments was the most appropriate remediation strategy. This contract has now been successfully completed and a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee has been issued for the site.