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Looking for Japanese Knotweed Removal?

We can help you remove Japanese Knotweed from your property permanently.

Japanese Knotweed eradication

Japanese Knotweed is one of the hardest invasive plants to fully remove from your property. It’s fast growing ability means it can fully take control of your land if not treated early, leading to potential Japanese Knotweed damage to your property, a decrease in property value or costly legal battles if you have allowed Knotweed to spread to a neighbouring property. Its complicated network of roots (rhizomes) make it especially difficult to remove, as most homeowners may not know how to tackle the problem of Japanese Knotweed removal properly, simply pulling up the plant when they see it, not accounting for the roots that will lead to regrowth.

Japanese Knotweed’s robust plant structure means has the ability to grow in most environments, making Japanese Knotweed eradication difficult. With it’s low temperature tolerance it can quickly exploit gaps in structures such as concrete and brick. By using an experienced Japanese Knotweed removal specialist, with extensive knowledge of how to get rid of Knotweed, you can control the problem.

Types of Japanese Knotweed removal

Timescale: 3-5 growing seasons

Timescale: 3 Months

Using a knapsack sprayer herbicides are applied to the top and underside of the leaf surface. This happens twice a year; once during the early part of the growing season (April – June) and then again during late summer/autumn (July – September).

Timescale: 3-5 Growing Seasons

Timescale: 3 Months

TP Knotweed’s stem injection system offers excellent results when you are looking to eradicate smaller concentrations of Knotweed around your home or garden.

This process involves injecting a specified dose of undiluted herbicide directly in to the stems of the plant, between the first and third ‘node’ of the stems.

Timescale: On-site work depending on size of infested area (Normally 1-2 weeks), followed by 2 years monitoring.

Timescale: 3 Months

This service involves the physical excavation of Knotweed contaminated soils, ideal where the discovery of Japanese Knotweed has halted property developments, building work or landscaping.

If you have plans to excavate ‘Controlled Waste’ soils and develop within the affected areas, physical excavation is the best option.

It is quick and ensures you are free to use the previously affected areas with no restrictions. 

As soon as our team are finished on site, normally within 1-2 weeks, you can proceed with your plans. 
We will continue to monitor the garden or site and issue a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Japanese Knotweed Guarantee

All Japanese Knotweed removal work that is undertaken by TP Knotweed includes a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee, which is issued as soon as remediation has begun.

Japanese Knotweed damage

Japanese Knotweed shoots can grow up to 3 metres high through your plumbing, building foundations, and driveways. It outcompetes native vegetation and can also lead to erosion, causing long term flooding issues.

Its ability to exploit existing weaknesses in properties as well as underground systems, walls and building foundations can result in extensive damage and can mean repair work, and Japanese Knotweed removal fees can range into the thousands. With its advanced root network, the rhizomes grow through any structure.

Your mortgage and house price can also suffer. Legally, Japanese knotweed must be disclosed to buyers and banks. Many lenders have been reluctant to approve mortgages on properties with a history of knotweed without a solid Japanese knotweed treatment plan or 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act prohibits planting Japanese knotweed or disposing of cuttings in an irresponsible manner that might let it grow back. Japanese knotweed can grow back, from cuttings as small as 2mm. This makes home Japanese Knotweed removal almost impossible without risk of costly fines and criminal action. 

How does Japanese knotweed spread?

Not only can it damage and destroy hard surfaces, such as tarmac, concrete and brick walls, the plant grows so quickly and spreads so easily, it can deprive native plants of nutrients and sunlight, causing them to die. Having evolved on the harsh conditions of the sides of volcanoes in Japan, its growth rate is legendary.

In summer months the plant can grow up to 10cm a day, reaching a height of around 2 metres.

Digging and cutting Japanese Knotweed is not advised under any circumstances, as this can contribute to the spread of the weed. If you have Japanese knotweed on your property and you allow it to spread to a neighbours land, you can face fines of up to £2,500.

Japanese Knotweed is the UK’s most aggressive invasive weed. Left untreated, it will spread and spread. It is a criminal offence to allow the weed to spread from your land to a neighbouring property.

Japanese Knotweed removal process


Are you looking to remove Japanese Knotweed for your commercial site?

How can Japanese Knotweed affect your mortgage?

How much does it cost to remove Japanese Knotweed?

Are you looking to remove Japanese Knotweed for your commercial site?

We provide a professional Japanese Knotweed removal service to commercial clients through our land services and remediation company Zirkon. Our specialist team are highly experienced when it comes to removing Japanese Knotweed and other contaminants from development sites, to prevent delays on site.

How can Japanese Knotweed affect your mortgage?

The presence of Japanese Knotweed will most likely affect the valuation of your property. In some cases, any sign of Knotweed or other invasive plant species could result in the lender declining the mortgage. This includes Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam in some cases. 

How much does it cost to remove Japanese Knotweed?

Costs incurred by Japanese Knotweed damage can quickly outgrow remedial costs. The best way to prevent these costs is by investing in professional knotweed removal services.

We can help you get rid of Japanese Knotweed from your property permanently.