Japanese Knotweed Insurance Backed Guarantee


All work undertaken by TP Knotweed Solutions includes a 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee in line with industry standards (specifically for Japanese Knotweed). This provides our clients with the confidence that works have been carried out by an accredited specialist Japanese Knotweed contractor and should any invasive plant re-growth occur following remediation, it is covered by our robust guarantee.

When is the Knotweed guarantee issued?

For excavation contracts, once the main works have been carried out on site, we then conduct bi-annual monitoring visits at the site for 2 years (2 growing seasons), to ensure that there has been no invasive plant re-growth. The 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee is registered immediately and paperwork issued to client. The guarantee then becomes valid once the monitoring period has been completed. 

For 5-year herbicide treatment programmes, the 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee is registered from day one and becomes active upon completion of the treatment programme in year 5. All paperwork is issued to the client straight away.

Why do I need a guarantee?

If you are looking to buy or sell property and land affected by Japanese Knotweed, it is a mandatory requirement by all mortgage providers that a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee is in place. The guarantee is also in place to give you peace of mind that should any re-growth occur during the guarantee period, it will be treated free of charge. It also provides cover in the highly unlikely event that TP Knotweed Solutions ceased to trade.

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What is covered by the 10 year guarantee?

The 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee covers any re-growth at the subject property or site, within the guarantee period. Should you notice any re-growth, simply contact TP Knotweed Solutions and we will re-attend to treat any plants using herbicides, at no additional cost. This insurance also allows for another accredited contractor to carry out these works, should TP Knotweed Solutions cease to trade.

What isn’t covered?

Our guarantee does not cover damage to buildings, properties, hard surfaces, drainage, loss of value or other personal property including but not limited to: non-target plants within a garden/ site, other structures or buildings within the subject property grounds, or any of the above within neighbouring properties. It does not cover spread to or from a neighbouring garden, if it has not been included within our remediation programme. Full terms and conditions can be provided upon request.

How much will it cost?

For a standard 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee, the cost is £95.20 per affected property, for contracts up to £5000. For excavation works and contracts in excess of £5000, the 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee fee will be charged, based on a percentage of the contract value.

What happens to my guarantee if I move house or sell my development site?

The guarantees are assigned to the property or site owner and can be transferred to a new owner by contacting us and our insurance provider. There is a small administration fee for this process. Please contact us for further information.