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COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 - Protecting our team and customers during the coronavirus crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has spread worldwide since the first case in December 2019 and currently, the UK is gradually coming out of a lockdown period, enabling businesses, schools and shops to re-open with social distancing procedures in place.

Due to some of the specialist services we offer, Zirkon Ltd has been classed as an essential business throughout the lockdown period and we continue to provide services to our customers.

We’re taking great care to ensure our staff have the highest levels of protection and can provide both Japanese Knotweed remediation and specialist decontamination and disinfection services safely to our clients.

What are TP Knotweed Solutions and Zirkon doing for our customers during the coronavirus pandemic?

As a responsible company that’s committed to protecting people, we have been closely monitoring the situation and providing informative updates to our customers via our website, email and social media.

We want our customers to be reassured that our team will not pose added risk to our customers and their employees. We’ve been implementing training and procedures to ensure we can continue to deliver a safe and high level of service, whilst adhering to Government guidance and being sensitive to customer health and safety requirements.

Will there be any changes to the service provided by TP Knotweed Solutions and Zirkon during the coronavirus pandemic?

The health and safety of our team and customers is of paramount importance to us during these tough times and we will not offer our services unless we can be certain it is safe to do so. With this in mind, we have put a number of measures and procedures in place to ensure we are keeping disruption to a minimum.

Our Japanese Knotweed services continue to run as normal for our commercial clients, however due to strict lockdown and social distancing, our residential services have been delayed slightly. Now that lockdown has eased, we have resumed all services for both residential and commercial clients with increased health and safety procedures in place, to ensure our team and customers are kept safe.

What are we doing for our workforce?

During the Coronavirus pandemic it is essential that we provide a sensible and proportionate response. The senior management team at TP Knotweed Solutions and Zirkon are constantly reviewing the government guidance to ensure our employees are kept safe at work.

Our new business and operations teams are asking our clients if they have any COVID-19 symptoms before we attend their site or property and we are also reminding both staff and customers to respect the social distancing guidelines. Where possible, we are accessing gardens and sites via external gates to minimise interaction.

As a business we are well equipped for the COVID-19 outbreak due to the specialist deep clean and decontamination division that Zirkon provide to our clients. Japanese Knotweed remediation also requires strict bio-security measures to reduce spread.

All employees are provided with approved face masks and hand sanitiser for their daily work and at our HQ, signage has been erected and a strict cleaning regime has been implemented which includes a weekly deep clean and anti-viral fogging of the building to ensure it is as clean and safe as possible.

We are OPEN for business and should you require our services or wish to speak about an existing contract, please get in touch!