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Commercial knotweed removal

We serve a wide range of industries with our commercial knotweed removal services. Our professional services are used by construction companies, retail outlets, industrial units, local authorities, property managers and more, meaning that whoever you are, we will have worked with someone in your business area before. We operate quickly and efficiently in order to secure your premises against further knotweed growth and begin the process of elimination.

Our commitment to care extends beyond your immediate commercial knotweed removal. As fully certified Japanese knotweed removal experts, you can be assured of receiving the highest quality service, guaranteeing permanent commercial knotweed removal for up to 10 years. See our accreditations page for a full list of our certifications.

Precise site mapping

To ensure the highest possible level of accuracy we provide our clients with a site specific CAD plan detailing the exact location of the Japanese knotweed. This precise mapping is based on GPS coordinates taken by our surveyors whilst on site. Using CAD plans we are able to target the Japanese knotweed and tailor treatment or removal plans to suit your specific site. TP Knotweed Solutions have invested in the latest software to meet construction industry standards and enable developers to fully rely on the work carried out by us.



A good example of this type of removal is when the discovery of Japanese knotweed halts property developments. It can also be a planning condition that the knotweed is excavated and removed off-site.

Developers rarely have the time available to carry out a 5 Year herbicide treatment programme and these herbicide plans are also not suitable if you have plans to excavate soil and develop. In this case, immediate knotweed removal via physical excavation and licensed disposal of the controlled waste is the best option.

TP Knotweed use our experienced clerk of works to chase the knotweed roots down rather than excavating indiscriminately. This minimises the amount of clean soil removed from the site, and means that our excavation service is one of the most competitively priced on the market. We have effective measures in place to ensure all Duty of Care requirements are met under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990. All machinery is inspected and cleaned after use, to prevent further spread of this highly invasive plant.

Clients are provided with Waste Transfer Notes for their records.



Timescale: 3-5 Growing Seasons

We offer the complete herbicide treatment to eradicate Japanese knotweed and will tailor our treatment to your individual site. This is the most cost-effective treatment available.

▪ We hold all relevant NPTC Certificates – PA1, PA6, AW
▪ We are experienced at treating Japanese knotweed in areas close to water, which involves liaising with the Environment Agency and other relevant authorities, working in line with the ‘Knotweed Code of Practice’ and the ‘Code of Practice For Using Plant Protection Products’.


Timescale: 3-5 Growing Seasons

We have developed a stem injection system that offers fantastic results when you are looking to eradicate smaller concentrations of knotweed.

▪ Cost-effective solution
▪ Because the herbicide is injected directly into the stem, it reaches the rhizome system (roots) quickly
▪ Environmentally friendly with no adverse effects on vegetation or wildlife
▪ If a Tree Preservation Order is in place, stem injection is safe to use
▪ Ideal for use near water or on sensitive sites

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