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Correctly identifying Japanese knotweed is the first step to permanently eliminating it from your construction site.

Like most plants, Japanese knotweed changes in appearance according to the seasons. During early spring, the crown of the plant will sprout red buds that develop into new stems. Young, fleshy leaves soon follow. As summer arrives, bamboo-like stems accelerate in growth, reaching speeds of up to two millimetres per day. The plant also produces small cream flowers that begin to appear in late summer or autumn. By this time, expect disruptive shoots across your site reaching three metres tall.

The best way to accurately identify knotweed is through a professional service. As industry-leading specialists, no one knows Japanese knotweed like we do.



Whether your construction site is a personal or commercial development, we provide free site inspections for homeowners, businesses, and public sector bodies throughout the UK. Our surveyors will assess the scale of your problem, discuss your individual requirements, and collect relevant data, should you wish to upgrade to our comprehensive Japanese Knotweed Survey Report.

Our surveyors are available for construction site meetings with as little as 24 hours’ notice, and we are able to offer a written quote the same day as your site inspection.


On-site cell burial is one of the most effective methods of Japanese knotweed control. If your construction site has the space available we are able excavate the Japanese knotweed with the infested soil and encapsulate it within a heat welded geo-textile membrane.

Alternatively, we also offer root barriers. This control method consists of a geo-textile membrane that prevents the rhizome network (roots) of the plant from spreading. They can be used to protect neighbouring properties from infestation, or the drains and foundations of your own property from damage. Root barriers are available in both permeable and non permeable forms.


Whatever stage your development is in, we will have a treatment plan to best suit you and your circumstances. We offer a range of Japanese knotweed treatment options. Depending on your personal situation we may suggest Herbicide Treatments, Stem Injection Using TP Injection System, or a Relocation and Herbicide Treatment Plan.

All of our services come with a Standard Five-Year Guarantee or Ten-Year “Insurance Backed” Guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that your premises will be protected long-term.


We offer a range of removal options for Japanese knotweed dependent on your particular circumstances; all of our removal plans are tailor-made to suit each individual Japanese knotweed case.

Methods range from the complete excavation and licensed landfill disposal of your knotweed to Japanese knotweed screening and industrial removal. We have effective measures in place to ensure all “Duty of Care” requirements are met under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990. All machinery is inspected and cleaned after use, to prevent further spread of this highly invasive plant.



All of our Japanese knotweed treatment contracts include our 5 Year Guarantee as standard. This is offered for both five-year Herbicide KMPs and Excavation. Once we have carried out our five-year Knotweed Management Plan, the work will be guaranteed for a further five years.

This 5 Year Guarantee applies to the site itself, and will remain in place even if you sell the property or land. Please be aware that the guarantee will not cover Japanese knotweed that has spread from neighbouring land, or cover any damage caused by Japanese knotweed, including damage to property, foundations, drainage, or ground surfaces.


Banks and mortgage lenders may sometimes require Japanese knotweed treatment to be covered by a 10 Year “Insurance Backed” Guarantee if a property is being purchased or sold. As members of the PCA (Property Care Association) Invasive Weed Control Group, we can provide these guarantees at an additional cost, detailed within our written quotation. This guarantee will cover your property against the re-growth of Japanese knotweed after eradication, but would only come into effect should the contractor cease trading.

For more details about this 10 Year IBG Policy, please get in touch with the team at TP Knotweed.

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