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Removing Japanese Knotweed from your commercial property

Cost of removing Japanese knotweed from property developments

Japanese knotweed is a fast-growing and aggressive invasive weed which is causing an all-too-real threat to property developments across the UK. As a result, over the last few years the total cost of Japanese knotweed to developments has been a breathtaking £141 million in England alone.

Early action to treat and remove Japanese knotweed by an experienced specialist in commercial Japanese knotweed control on building sites and commercial premises is essential. Left unchecked, costs incurred by Japanese knotweed damage can quickly outgrow remedial costs. Typical costs include structural damage to properties, delays to project completion and legal costs.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Specialists

TP Knotweed are the UK’s leading Japanese Knotweed removal specialists. We have treated and removed Japanese knotweed for construction companies, industrial units, retail outlets, local authorities and property managers across the UK. As accredited knotweed experts you can be assured of receiving the highest quality service. We guarantee the permanent removal of your knotweed for up to 10 years with our Insurance Backed Guarantee. Our contractors can be at your property within 24 hours to carry out a free site survey and provide a quote.

Our recommended treatment will depend on your particular circumstances. These can include the scale of your infestation, the location, your property type, the immediacy with which you require the knotweed removed, our advised treatment options and more. As a result, Japanese knotweed removal costs will vary.

The majority of the property developments we treat use:

  • Our 5 Year Herbicide Treatment Programmes. Prices on average start from as little as £2000 +VAT for commercial sites.
  • Excavation and off site licensed disposal. Costs start at £5000 + VAT.

By assessing and tailoring our treatments to your specific site, we are able to offer some of the UK’s most competitive Japanese knotweed treatment quotes. We’re confident you won’t find better value for service.

Removal costs will vary subject to a full site inspection. Site inspections are necessary in order to tailor treatment to the size and location of your infestation. Because of this, companies that offer set pricing prior to site visits should be approached with caution.

As soon as our team have successfully removed all traces of Japanese knotweed from your land we can provide you with a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee. This will ensure your property or land is protected for up to 10 years.

Not sure if you have a Japanese knotweed problem?

Use our free Japanese knotweed identification service or call us on 0800 389 1911 and we’ll be able to tell you immediately if there is Japanese knotweed on your property development.

Contact us to receive a bespoke quote for your site