Expert Japanese Knotweed Removal in Greater London

TP Knotweed identify, treat, remove, and dispose responsibly of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants throughout the Greater London area.

We understand that speed matters to our customers, which is why we can be on site and surveying your premises within 24 hours of having spoken to you. We pride ourselves on our experience and the quality Japanese knotweed removal service we deliver to every one of our customers, from initial treatment recommendations to work carried out. And to prove your knotweed is gone for good, we offer a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, ensuring your premises stay knotweed-free.

From Hillingdon to Havering, we work with homeowners and businesses across Greater London to take care of their knotweed problems.

Knotweed in Outer London

Over 5 million residents call the Outer London area home. This puts houses and flats, businesses, and local services at risk from knotweed infestations. Road and railway infrastructure is especially important, enabling commuters to travel daily into Central and Inner London for work. Wherever in Greater London you are based, we are available to treat and remove your knotweed problem.

Prevent damage, costly repairs, and stress

Homeowners trying to sell their property might find mortgage lenders are put off when surveyors identify knotweed. Businesses and Greater London district authorities also face damage to property and publicly owned infrastructure like streets and water lines.

The costs associated with the damage to property can escalate into the thousands, ranging from building repair work to repairs to plumbing, street damages, and legal costs, should your knotweed spread to a neighbouring property.

Save yourself the financial burden by catching the plant early. As a PCA-accredited Japanese knotweed removal specialist operating in the Greater London area, we can help.

Looking for professional help in removing Japanese Knotweed?