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Japanese knotweed removal in Liverpool

TP Knotweed are the country’s leading experts on the identification, removal and eradication of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plant species. Known infamously as Britain’s most invasive weed, Japanese knotweed can be found almost anywhere across the country.

Even cooler northern climates are not free from the weed, which grows notoriously fast through brick, stone, even concrete, with costly consequences.


Few cities in England can match Liverpool for renown or status. In 2007, the city celebrated its 800th anniversary, and in 2008 it was declared joint European Capital of Culture. The title is well-deserved; the city is a major port, and was the port of registry of the RMS Titanic no less, as well as several other Cunard and White Star ocean liners. It also boasts a number of World Heritage Sites, representing the pinnacle of human creativity, values and cultural significance.

Liverpool’s cultural roots are far reaching, extending from architecture to pop music and Premier League football. Unfortunately they are not the only roots spreading across the city; Japanese knotweed represents a particular threat to high density urban areas like Liverpool, where the close proximity of residential, commercial, and development spaces put them at high risk to the fast growing, fast spreading weed.

Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed is infamously hardy, its bamboo-like shoots capable of forcing their way through rock, brick, concrete and metal piping. Built-up urban areas like Liverpool are therefore particularly susceptible to knotweed impacts, which can include water or gas leaks, property damage and weakened infrastructures. Repairs can be costly, never mind the economic impact that reduced property prices and refused mortgages can have on inner-city communities.

We offer a range of services to help combat Japanese knotweed:

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