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Japanese knotweed removal specialists in Newcastle

TP Knotweed are widely recognised as the UK’s leading authority on the control, eradication and safe removal of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plant species. We operate throughout the UK, including Newcastle and the surrounding area.

Japanese Knotweed in Newcastle

As the most populated city in the North East region, home to over 280,000 residents as of 2011, the high density nature of its properties and developments means Japanese knotweed is emerging as a particular threat to homeowners and landowners in Newcastle.

As the home of two universities, a big rental culture and student homes, it’s not only homeowners that need to be mindful of the effect of Japanese knotweed, landlords also need to be prepared.

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How could Japanese knotweed affect my Newcastle property?

At the height of its growing season, Japanese knotweed is capable of forcing its way through brick, concrete, tarmac and even metal. Urban areas typically protected from invasive plants by virtue of being built-up are still susceptible to Japanese knotweed infestations, which can spread quickly across properties with the potential for affecting whole neighbourhoods. It has the potential to cause costly damage for homeowners developing their home, or landlords who are managing their property.

To help encourage individuals and communities in Newcastle to eradicate their knotweed issues, we provide site surveys free of charge. We will assess your situation and, in the event of knotweed identification, offer a written quote the same day outlining your treatment plans.

We offer a range of services to help combat Japanese knotweed across Newcastle:

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