Japanese Knotweed Removal in Reading

TP Knotweed offers expert identification, treatment, elimination, and safe removal of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants throughout Reading and Berkshire

As specialists, we are both skilled and experienced in tackling a wide scale of knotweed infestations. We can be on site and carrying out a survey within 24 hours of having spoken to you, making us the fastest acting knotweed removal specialist in the UK. The quality of our service is also unmatched. To prove this, we also offer a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, certifying that your knotweed is treated for good.

We work with homeowners, businesses, and local authorities across Berkshire to resolve their knotweed problems.

Knotweed in Berkshire

Like most of the UK, knotweed affects both homes and businesses across Berkshire. Whether you live in Wokingham or run a business in Reading, the presence of knotweed on your premises can have costly consequences. Publicly owned infrastructure is also at risk. Knotweed can grow through brick and concrete as readily as soil, making it an ongoing issue for local authorities throughout the county.

Prevent damage, costly repairs, and stress

Homeowners looking to sell typically face problems when surveys highlight knotweed on the premises. The plant also causes damage to building foundations and plumbing that can have serious consequences for offices and other workplaces.

Repairs can be costly. Damage to water pipes and other amenities can cause further disruptions. Anyone with knotweed on their premises can face legal action if the knotweed spreads to neighbouring premises.

Save yourself thousands on plumbing repairs and building work and seek professional help. Contacting an accredited Japanese knotweed removal specialist is the first step to resolving your problem. For properties located in and around Reading, call TP Knotweed.

Looking for professional help in removing Japanese Knotweed?