Japanese Knotweed Removal in Surrey

TP Knotweed are leading experts on the identification, treatment, removal, and safe disposal of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants in Guildford and wider Surrey.

As the fastest-acting knotweed removal service in the UK, we can be on site within 24 hours of having spoken to you to survey your premises. We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we carry out and the results we deliver, which are among the industry’s best. Additionally, we offer a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, ensuring your property stays knotweed-free.

We work with both homeowners and businesses throughout Guildford, Mole Valley, Waverley and surrounding districts to rid their properties of knotweed.

Knotweed in Guildford

Knotweed thrives in built-up areas, where competition is limited. As a result, local authorities regularly use our services to maintain publicly owned infrastructure like sewer lines, the streets, and parks from the destructive effects of knotweed. Surrey County Council also has a number of valuable heritage sites at risk, like Guildford Castle and the town’s various museums. Where knotweed is allowed to spread, its shoots and extensive roots systems can cause lasting damage, with costly consequences.

Prevent damage, costly repairs, and stress

Knotweed causes problems for homeowners and businesses. Mortgage lenders and buyers are frequently deterred by the plant, while construction projects can be delayed indefinitely until the knotweed is cleared.

There are the costs associated with the damage to your property. Homeowners can save themselves thousands on plumbing repairs and building work by catching the knotweed early. Delays in commercial building projects will also escalate costs.

These problems cause worry and stress. Whether it’s your home or your business at risk, Japanese knotweed removal by a PCA-accredited specialist provides Surrey and the surrounding area with the solution.

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