Japanese Knotweed Removal in Swansea

TP Knotweed are industry-leading specialists in the identification, removal and safe disposal of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants. We operate nationally, and are well-positioned to treat infestations in Swansea and the surrounding area. If you are looking for Japanese knotweed removal in Swansea, get in touch today.

Knotweed in Swansea

Swansea is a Welsh city located along the south coast. Much of the city was destroyed during World War II, when it was a particular target because of its industrial importance. Nowadays very little of Medieval Swansea remains, although it is still possible to see some of the ancient city in the roads and the ruins of the castle.

Japanese knotweed grows indiscriminately and with alarming speed, giving no consideration to city heritage – new or old. Resilient, it is capable of pushing through tarmac and concrete as readily as protected city ruins at great cost. As Wales’ most populous city outside of Cardiff, Swansea is under particular threat from knotweed, which spreads with incredible ease from property to property.

We’re proud to be able to provide Japanese Knotweed removal Swansea services, benefiting both residential homes and city infrastructure from our experience, expertise, and keen attention to customer service.

We offer a range of services to help combat Japanese Knotweed across Swansea:

  • Site inspection / mortgage survey reports
  • Control, removal and eradication treatment options
  • Commercial and contrustcion contracts for land under development
  • Client-specific service, personal to you and your circumstances
  • 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

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