The Economic Impact Of Japanese knotweed

Left untreated, Japanese knotweed can cause significant structural damage to everything from your home’s foundations to driveways, flood defences, and road infrastructure. The scale of these damages obviously has huge implications for the British economy.

Many people are not aware of the damage Japanese knotweed can cause and so leave the plant or do not dispose of it correctly. This is risky, and could end up costing you thousands in the case of a knotweed infestation, or in the event of purchasing or selling a house with knotweed – the addition of a costly legal battle. Household cases make up over a quarter of recently reported knotweed growths, resulting in widespread damages and costs for everyone involved.

It’s not just residential homes that are affected, either. Over the last few years, the total cost to developments has been a breathtaking £141 million in England alone.

Clearly the presence of Japanese knotweed on your property can seriously affect its value.

Early identification

The main problem is identification. Identified early, a professional service can remove knotweed in a number of days or weeks. Left to take root, however, the plant is much more difficult to extract. In these cases you are looking at treatment plans lasting from months to years in order to properly remove all traces.

People often think they can remove knotweed themselves, like most other plants, but attempts of this kind are dangerous and potentially criminal. For starters, you need a license to dispose of the knotweed waste. Home removal can actually help spread knotweed; improperly disposed of, the plant is capable of regrowing from cuttings as small as 10 millimetres.

To reduce unnecessary costs, do not attempt to remove Japanese knotweed without the service of trained professionals. Attempting to do so without the proper licensing can leave you liable to prosecution and a substantial fine.

To identify, remove and dispose of knotweed safely and legally, you can arrange a site survey to determine the extent of your knotweed problem.

Professional disposal

Our removal experts guarantee the professional, permanent removal of knotweed from your property. We are industry-leading experts with years of experience identifying, handling and disposing of this invasive plant.

We know suspected knotweed can be a worrying situation. This is why we offer a free initial site assessment, giving our customers the confidence they need to take action before their suspected knotweed infestations grow out of control.

To speak to one of our specialists call us on 0800 389 1911, or contact us online.

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