What to do if you find knotweed in your garden

Government to Issue ASBOs for Spreading of knotweed

The Government’s Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 includes new measures to tackle irresponsible mistreatment of Japanese knotweed that causes it to spread or “not controlling Japanese knotweed when they could be reasonably expected to do so”.

Individuals who do not consciously take steps to prevent the spread of the invasive species can be fined up to £2,500 while companies who perpetrate this new law could receive a penalty of up to £20,000.

Japanese knotweed – or Fallopia Japonica – was regarded as an ornamental plant when it came over to the UK in the 19th century but it has escalated into a national headache for property owners, causing an estimated £170 million worth of damage each year through its destruction of concrete and brick walls and ability to spread rapidly. Growing Japanese knotweed intentionally has been outlawed for quite some time now, but the government is taking further measures to ensure that gardeners and landowners recognise the severity of allowing knotweed to spread without taking action.

Japanese knotweed also hit the headlines recently for the damage that it can do to property values. A knotweed surveyor can now be held responsible for not including the presence of the invasive species in their reports. It is hoped that with these new measures people will be more carefully and aware of the dangers of knotweed.

If you have recently discovered Japanese knotweed growing in your garden you must take measures to stall its growth or remove it as soon as possible. TP knotweed are specialists in removing knotweed so give us a call today on 0800 389 1911 or contact us online.

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