how knotweed can impact large property developments

How knotweed Can Impact Large Property Developments

knotweed can cause extensive complications for development sites. Find out how knotweed can impact large property developments and what you should do about it.

knotweed is extremely active during spring and summer, when it can grow at rates of a foot per week. Its root network can extend to ten feet underground and withstand temperatures as cold as -35 °C.

It is unsurprising, then, that knotweed has been described by the media as a “superweed”.

When the weed is discovered on development sites, it can incur delays to work and missed completion deadlines. Removing it without professional guidance can lead to the spread of the weed and costly legal battles.

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How knotweed can impact large property developments

The presence of knotweed on a property development site can lead to numerous serious difficulties –the larger the site, the bigger the problem.

The speed at which knotweed grows means it can quickly take hold of a site, exploiting weaknesses in foundations and plumbing. In these circumstances, it can grow through concrete, brick, metal, and other construction materials.

Roots can damage important infrastructure and make removing the weed safely and legally challenging.

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The importance of removing knotweed from your site development

The ease with which the shrub spreads can also cause a major headache for property developers, site managers, contractors, builders, landscape gardeners and other professionals in the property industry.

knotweed can spread into neighbouring sites via contaminated tools, equipment, shoes, etc. It can be introduced to a site if present in topsoil that’s been brought in from an external source. Also, if it’s not completely removed, it can grow back and cause more problems. It’s vital that the people you employ on your property development are familiar with knotweed and understand the severity of the problems associated with it.

What to do if you discover knotweed on your construction site

If anyone suspects knotweed is growing on the site, they should alert you as soon as possible.

Financial backers are unlikely to show much support for a construction site that’s overrun with knotweed, so this nightmare plant can undermine the economic health of a property development. knotweed is a huge turn-off for buyers too.

The UK’s knotweed infestation problem is serious enough for the Environment Agency to produce a code of practice for managing knotweed on development sites.

Commercial and industrial treatment plans

If you’re worried knotweed may be rearing its ugly head on your property development and threatening the project’s success, time is of the essence.

Getting help is very straightforward. Contact our team and send us a photo of your suspected knotweed infestation. We will confirm whether or not your site is affected by knotweed and, if it’s present, we can be onsite within 24 hours to carry out a tailored knotweed treatment service.

Are you a commercial company?

Our professional services are used by construction companies, retail outlets, industrial units, local authorities, property managers and more, meaning that whoever you are, we will have worked with someone in your business area before. We operate quickly and efficiently in order to secure your premises against further knotweed growth and begin the process of elimination.Our commercial arm of the business is managed by our sister company, Zirkon, please view the website here:

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