RICS Japanese knotweed Paper to Tackle Roots of the Problem

As Japanese knotweed continues to make headlines across the globe, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recently took another step to tackle the issues surrounding Japanese knotweed invasions in the UK.

They have released an advice paper targeting multiple industries, including surveyors, lenders and and Japanese knotweed removal consultants like ourselves. This information paper aims to diffuse some of the confusions and inconsistencies surrounding knotweed within these industries, and lay out some clear guidelines for the best course of action in circumstances where knotweed is found.
The paper outlines some key issues for lenders, surveyors and valuers and provides an invaluable assessment framework for businesses to refer to, in order to identify the plant, assess it’s risk and treat it.

It provides clear classifications, categorising weed invasions with a number between one and five, in accordance with their severity and risk. With these clearly set out categories, RICS hope to improve the consistency of Japanese knotweed assessments amongst surveyors, and they provide a clear course of action for treatment, dependent on the category the invasion falls into.

The document also lists some essential attributes for a Japanese knotweed removal plan. Many of these we already adopt in our Japanese knotweed control plans here at TP knotweed, including providing a detailed description of the property and the knotweed intrusion, and a clear treatment plan which is updated regularly. An additional service that the paper states is particularly beneficial is an Insurance-Backed Guarantee, which is something we can offer our clients.

Here at TP knotweed, we are fully supportive of a paper which helps to remove many of the inconsistencies and misconceptions surrounding this damaging plant, and we ensure that we adhere to industry guidelines in all of our work.

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