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Removal guarantees with TP Knotweed

Knowing who to trust with your knotweed removal can seem like a big decision. As one of the UK’s leading Japanese knotweed treatment companies, TP Knotweed fully guarantees the eradication of your knotweed infestation for 10 years from site treatment with our 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee.


A history of Japanese knotweed can sometimes have serious implications with regards to banks and mortgage lenders. If your property is being purchased or sold, we offer our 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee (10 Year IBG Policy). This guarantee will cover your property against the regrowth of Japanese knotweed after eradication, but will only come into effect should the contractor cease trading.

As soon as our team have successfully removed all traces of Japanese knotweed from your land we can provide you with a 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee. This will ensure your property or land is protected for up to 10 years. We can provide this guarantee at an additional cost, detailed within our written quotation.


No one cares more about knotweed elimination than we do. Using a range of treatment methods suited to the size and location of your infestation, our PCA-certified team of professional experts guarantee the elimination of your knotweed infestation using government-approved methods.

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