TP Knotweed Solutions Expanding Business Operations In London

Increased Enquiries From The London Area

The emergence of new Japanese knotweed shoots signals a busy spring for us at TP knotweed. This year, however, we have found ourselves responding to an especially large influx of London-based business, leading to increased operations in and around the capital.

How does knotweed threaten homeowners?

Befitting its title as Britain’s most invasive weed, Japanese knotweed is robust, fast-growing and easily spread. The plant’s impressive physical properties enable it to push through stone, tarmac, concrete and metal piping alike.

Home remedies to contain or remove the plant are typically ineffective and often end up furthering its reach; the plant is capable of regenerating from something as small as a carelessly discarded clipping, making well-intentioned compost heaps a particular danger, for example.

What does this mean for London?

London’s densely-populated environment puts it at particular risk from the fast-growing weed. Water pipes are vulnerable targets. Road integrity and foundational structures are also threatened by emerging shoots.

The economic impacts are obvious and far-reaching. Your property value will suffer as the weeds push through brick and plaster. Due to its ease of propagation and the close proximity of London’s buildings, knotweed can spread quickly from property to property, making it a financial concern for whole neighbourhoods.

Mortgages have even been refused on the grounds of knotweed presence. (As if these weren’t challenging enough to secure in the capital already!)

How are TP knotweed helping?

As industry leaders in the control and removal of Japanese knotweed infestations, we are perfectly placed to tackle the threat of emerging or established knotweed plants before they cause serious damage to your property or your prospects.

We offer an initial site assessment, which has proved highly valuable to residential, commercial and construction customers throughout London, giving our customers the confidence they need to pick up the phone and take action before their suspected knotweed infestations have grown beyond control.

Established knotweed infestations can take years of sustained treatment to properly remove. It is therefore vital to catch knotweed as early as possible. While it still represents a challenge, younger knotweed can be dealt with much more easily and quickly.

We look forward to expanding our operations further across London and would encourage you to get in touch as quickly as possible if you suspect you might have knotweed growing in or around your property.

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