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Why is Japanese knotweed such a problem?

What To Do If You Find Knotweed In Your Garden

If you find knotweed in your garden, you might be wondering what to do next.

Thoughts of damages, cost, and the impacts of knotweed on your mortgage may be causing you worry. Several news stories in recent years have fuelled the fear for Britain’s most invasive weed. As a result, we often visit properties where members of the public have tried to do a DIY job removing their Japanese knotweed. This is a mistake.

On no account should you attempt to remove the knotweed yourself.

It is not illegal to have knotweed on your site, but irresponsible behaviour leading to the spread of knotweed to neighbouring land can earn you an ASBO, incurring fines of up to £2,500.

If you do discover knotweed in your garden, there are three key things to bear in mind.

1. Don’t cut or trim the weed

This also applies to cutting your grass and the area around the infestation. Cutting your Japanese knotweed down will actually cause the weed to spread faster, and if you put cuttings in your general waste, you’ll be breaking the law.

Japanese knotweed is classed as controlled waste, and as such should be disposed of in a responsible manner.

2. Don’t spray it with weed killer

Some domestic weed killers, when applied incorrectly (eg. incorrect dose rates or the wrong time of year), will stunt but not kill Japanese knotweed. This is useless, and actually makes professional removal more difficult, as our Japanese knotweed treatment plans require us to treat the plant when it is at its most healthy.

3. Inform your neighbours

If knotweed is in your garden, it could easily spread to or have started in a neighbouring garden. It is your responsibility to inform your neighbours of your knotweed, as it is possible that their gardens will also require treatment. If knotweed is growing in your neighbours’ gardens, it could easily spread back to your garden at a later date.

Knotweed is a community issue. Take responsibility to keep your conscience – and your garden – clear.

What to do if you find knotweed in your garden

The first thing to do if you find Japanese knotweed in your garden is to call in the professionals.

If Japanese knotweed is managed professionally and responsibly, it can be permanently eradicated from your garden. TP Knotweed are a CHAS accredited contractor, offering comprehensive Japanese knotweed treatment plans to both the public and private sector at the UK’s most competitive rates. Get in touch with us as soon as you identify the plant, and we’d be happy to visit your property and perform a survey.

  • Benefit from the services of the fastest acting Japanese knotweed removal company in the UK.
  • Our competitive pricing means you’ll always get a great quote.
  • Choose from herbicide treatments, on-site burial, or complete excavation and disposal at a licensed landfill.
  • We can also provide a 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee, ensuring you peace of mind and a professional solution to your Japanese knotweed concerns.

Once you have informed us, we will handle the entire process for you, carrying out a survey and putting a Japanese knotweed management plan in place. At TP Knotweed, we can make the stressful process of removing knotweed simple and trouble-free for you.

If you find knotweed in your garden, get in touch with TP Knotweed today on 0800 389 1911 or contact us online.

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