P35 Legal Survey

The P35 Legal Compliant Survey is ideal for clients who are encountering legal issues surrounding Japanese Knotweed

Why do I need a P35 Legal Compliant Survey?

A P35 Legal Compliant report is commonly needed when Japanese Knotweed has spread over into adjoining land or has led to an individual being liable, for example the spread to adjoining land has led to a decrease in property value.

If you are aware that your property has Japanese Knotweed and it has spread from adjoining land, or a seller has not informed of the presence of Japanese Knotweed on TTA6 Property Information Form, you will need documents to prove liability in order to progress your case to court procedures.

Our P35 Legal Compliant Survey is in accordance with PD 35 and CPR 35 regulations. The survey provides an accurate account of any Japanese Knotweed infestation to support any legal proceedings.

What is included in a P35 survey?

Our P35 Legal Reports are written by our team of experts, who will report only on the facts as a completely informative and unbiased source.

The survey includes:

  • An on-site visit from one of our expert surveyors
  • Your neighbours land being inspected (where applicable)
  • A written quotation for remediation
  • GiS CAD site plan
  • Annotated images – we will take images of the area and outbreak, along with any notable features which may need to be considered at the quotation stage
  • RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Japanese Knotweed risk category
  • Detail on the origin of the Japanese Knotweed, assessment of any damage caused, professional opinions on where the Japanese Knotweed has spread from/to and approximate age of the plants.

Looking for professional help in removing Japanese Knotweed?

Find out the options you have removing Japanese Knotweed supported by our 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee.